In the games industry (as well as the general localization field), English is referred to as a lingua franca. Games can however be developed in many languages and not just English. This is very much the case in countries like Russia, China, Korea, or Japan. Pivot translation is a cost-savvy approach for the localization of non-English games.

At the moment the company chooses to localize the game, it has the option of going for direct translations to target languages or will use a multistep translation alongside a pivot language.

A pivot (bridge) language is one that connects a language pair.

Memsource-Gridly integration allows game companies to localize game content faster, and benefit from advanced machine translation, language pivoting, and version control features.

Memsource-Gridly integration will speed up and facilitate the game localization processes

Memsource, the AI-powered translation management system, announced the launch of its joint integration with Gridly, a collaborative headless CMS tailor-made for multilingual game projects.

The cooperation with Gridly allows Memsource to expand its offerings to the games industry and grow its customer base within the game localization vertical. Gridly CMS users will benefit from the translation management and automation capabilities of one of the leading TM systems in the market.

Gridly serves as a central hub for…

We’re celebrating the long-awaited launch of Gridly — the only collaborative headless CMS in the world tailor-made for the games industry.

It’s been 4 years since development began, and finally, it’s launched and ready for all!

Gridly is a cloud-based headless CMS for multilingual game-as-a-service projects with an open API, browser-based spreadsheet UI, and built-in functions to handle localization and frequent updates.

It is a collaborative system for users of any technical ability. Teams can easily store, create, translate, manage, and update structured content in one tool in real time.

Gridly core features

  • Version control. Branch the data set, try things out in…

Image: Relic Hunters Zero, Akupara Games

Crowdsourced game localization can be tricky sometimes. Yes, it's free and will most probably be done by your biggest supporters but what about the downsides? Akupara Games shared their experience with the fan translation of the Relic Hunters Zero: Remix.

Check it out to find out what to expect when inviting your community to localize your title.

… and to end up costing you even more money

Image: Freepik

Author: Rodrigo Souza Ramos, Lead Localization Manager at LocalizeDirect — Game localization & LQA

I’ve been working with localization for almost a decade now, and oh boy, I’ve seen some troublesome projects in my time. I’m hoping that this list will serve to better inform those embarking on the loc text request phase of their development. I also hope that those handling loc project management will nod and tell me “oh man, I know what you mean”.

Pareto's law: 80/20

So let’s crack on, I could perhaps suggest that 20% of localization projects create 80% of the hassle. There are lots of great…

…and the markets with the highest potential for PC games


"Steam has reached a new online user record of 20 million, with 6.2 million currently in-game, likely because many people stay at home due to the coronavirus," SteamDB reported.

Help more gamers win the battle against boredom!

Localizing your game will increase your downloads and generate positive reviews from around the world; triggers that rank your game higher when potential players are searching for an awesome game to download. When they find your game, they are more likely to download it if they can understand the content.

Now, the next step: where to start? Which languages to choose? …

LocalizeDirect — Game localization & LQA

We translate and test games in 61+ language pairs. Here, we analyze game markets and share localization insights. Check Gridly — our new game CMS:

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