Pivot Translation: Localization Technique For Non-English Games

A pivot (bridge) language is one that connects a language pair.

Pivot translation in Gridly CMS
Pivot localization from Chinese into Russian with English as a bridge. Image: Gridly

Pros of language pivoting

For example, a localization request for a game developed in Chinese would require a direct translation from Chinese to English, Japanese, and Korean. English will be used as a pivot language for translation into FIGS etc.

Issues with pivot translation

Articles, the gender markers in German. Image source: Wikipedia

Therefore, it is necessary to provide all the background information to the target language translators to enable them to select the right form rather than guessing.

How to manage the pivot localization project effectively

Dependencies setup with Chinese and English as source and pivot languages. Image: Gridly
Editing process in pivot localization. Image: Gridly

Try the dependencies feature yourself — just log in to your Gridly account or create a new one.



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