We Launched Gridly — 1st Headless CMS For Game Development!

We’re celebrating the long-awaited launch of Gridly — the only collaborative headless CMS in the world tailor-made for the games industry.

It’s been 4 years since development began, and finally, it’s launched and ready for all!

Gridly is a cloud-based headless CMS for multilingual game-as-a-service projects with an open API, browser-based spreadsheet UI, and built-in functions to handle localization and frequent updates.

It is a collaborative system for users of any technical ability. Teams can easily store, create, translate, manage, and update structured content in one tool in real time.

Gridly core features

Gridly has three pricing plans including the free tier.

So take a seat, fire it up and start your journey into improved process management.

Let us know what you think!

We translate and test games in 61+ language pairs. Here, we analyze game markets and share localization insights. Check Gridly — our new game CMS: gridly.com